What our customers are saying!
Dear Carmo, Maria and Catarina, It’s been over 3 months since our day and we couldn’t be happier and more grateful to you for helping us organize the wedding of our dreams! The day was incredible, everything went so smoothly and everyone loved it. Even today, we get tons of compliments on how good our wedding was. So thank you very much for everything you’ve done for us! It was such a special day that marked the beginning of our life as a family.
Marta & André

Compared to the other wedding planner services we contacted, OUTLUX stands out by offering the following package
fixed suppliers. This was the decisive factor in our choice, because it freed up time in this first selection stage and
ballot. Overall, and looking back, we think we made the right choice, because we were satisfied with the different
services provided. Rita was available and managed to adjust the initial agreement to our requests and needs.
over the months of planning.

Andreia & João

Everything is going great, we couldn’t be happier with the way things have turned out! It was a memorable day that we will remember forever with great fondness. Thank you for all the help, commitment and dedication that made it possible to make our day come true as we had imagined. We are deeply grateful.

Filipa & Pedro

Carmo, we can’t thank you enough for everything you’ve done!!! It was INCREDIBLE! Everything went beautifully, we were really happy. Thank you for all your organization and patience.

Inês & Francisco

Everything went beautifully. Many thanks to Rita, Maria and Carolina. We would also like to thank all of Outlux’s suppliers.

The catering, DJ and photobooth were highly praised by the guests and the bride asked for special thanks for the hair/make-up and florist.

Marta & Lopo

The wedding went perfectly and was extremely well organized, thank you so much Rita and Maria!!! Everyone loved it!

Lauren & Zé Pedro

Hello, Carmo! We loved our day, everything was beautiful and magical. A big kiss and thank you for everything.

Marta & Paulo

We would like to thank OUTLUX for helping us to have our dream wedding. Everything went exactly as we thought it would, from the general planning to the smallest detail. A special thank you to Carmo and Maria for always being there at all the crucial moments of planning and the day itself.

Without you it wouldn’t have been possible to make 27/05/2017 an unforgettable and perfect day.

Thank you for everything and I’m already recommending you to all my friends who are getting married.

Rita & César

Dear Maria and Carmo

Nuno and I (and Benedita, somewhere on a paradise island) would like to thank you for your fantastic support, accompaniment, care, etc. all along the way to the altar (followed by the pavilion).

It was as if we had the help of two dear, friendly, patient and available people who understood perfectly what we wanted and the language we spoke and who, by a happy coincidence, were also two competent, experienced, creative and uncomplicated professionals!

It was what you would call a true Outluxo (and not a superfluous but essential luxury).

A big kiss and… we don’t have any more daughters to marry off, but we’ll be sure to recommend them to anyone who does!

Benedita & Tomás

I just wanted to say thanks again. We love it! Thanks again for your help, everything was perfect.

Marisa & João

I would like to thank you for all your work and support, which contributed immensely to the magical day that was our wedding day. The final balance is highly positive!

Nádia & Kiko

We would like to thank you so much for all your work and dedication, everything was beautiful and we loved the party! The feedback from everyone was excellent!

Thank you so much for everything, it really was an unforgettable day!

Joana & Nuno

Good morning Maria! Thank you so much for everything… We loved it!!! Kisses

Filipa & Fábio

We would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for taking part in such an important moment for us! They were wonderful, always available and ready to help us! Pedro and I thought everything was perfect!!! Love and thanks again Carmo and Maria

Maria & Pedro

Carmo and Maria, we loved the party! Everything was great – food, music, organization, atmosphere. Everyone praised it. Thank you for everything! I hope you too had a not too difficult day at work. Kisses

Margarida & Diogo

Carmo thank you thank you thank you! It was TOP!

Vera & António

Outlux was an indispensable help in planning, organizing and carrying out everything we had envisioned for our day. It was beautiful and close to perfection. Thank you for helping to make our day even more special.

Marina & Pedro


We are writing this email to thank you for the valuable help you gave us in organizing and carrying out our wedding.

The spectacular way in which the event took place demonstrates the effort and organization of your team, as this is the only way to explain our satisfaction and the excellent “feeback” we have had from the guests. In fact, everyone is unanimous in their opinion that it was the most relaxed, personalized and lively wedding they’ve ever been to.

Carmo and Maria, thank you for the organization and the attention you paid to every detail and for always welcoming our ideas and making them possible (especially having Nala deliver the rings)!

João, thank you for the excellent, tasteful music, which kept the staff in such high spirits, dancing the night away without interruption.

Francisco and Marta, thank you for your excellent photography and video work, we really enjoyed it (artistic note: TOP!), especially as it really reflected the excitement and joy of the whole party.

Above all, thank you all for your effort and dedication, you are the so-called “JEEP’s – Young Entrepreneurs of High Potential”, people like you definitely contribute to the happiness of others!

Kisses and hugs,

Joana & Marco

Outlux thank you so much for the day, for the preparation, for everything 😉 you provided a fantastic day!

Carla & Ricardo

I would like to thank Outlux for their magnificent organization of Marta and Francisco’s wedding. Everything went very well in a “magical” venue. The organization was perfect with the activities running at an intense pace and without unnecessary stops or waits, which spoil most wedding parties.

The food was excellent and the wine was superb. The guests were very lively (Flashmob) which also contributed to the overall success of the party. Thank you very much for everything and I will clearly recommend OUTLUX to all my friends who are preparing weddings.

Marta & Francisco

“The whole event was absolutely breathtaking: the decoration was stunning, the food was perfect, there were lots of beautiful details, the cake was to die for, the flowers too… the bouquet was beautiful and with the flowers I really wanted… It was the perfect wedding.

There were 130 people, from Spain, Portugal, young, old, from the country, from the city… and everyone had a great time and there wasn’t a single person who didn’t leave saying it wasn’t the most beautiful wedding they’d ever been to. As for the wedding planner, she really was a great help, given that I live in Spain.

But more than the help in being the bride’s hands and voice in the organization, it’s everything else that isn’t very easy to find: a unique and immediate empathy, involvement with everything, a super positive attitude (there’s never been anything I’ve asked for or suggested and received a “no” before a thousand “yeses”), fantastic pro-activity and creativity, especially at times when you need to think of B plans…. and on top of all this (as if that wasn’t enough), absolutely unparalleled good taste and ability to understand the bride, which makes for total trust…. we may not see some things before the day and we know that everything is going to be perfect, with impeccable taste and beautiful to die for…

In this case, it’s not a question of the wedding planner doing everything “as we would”, but rather “much better than we would”, and that simply doesn’t exist/isn’t to be found… except at Outlux

And what’s more, at unbeatable prices. Thank you for the most perfect day of my life!!! I’m sick of going to weddings, e…. (not because I’m the bride ahahah…) but mine really was the most spectacular ever!!!!!! Thank you Outlux!!!!!”

Thank you!

Inês & Jorge

We’re sending this email because we’ve already returned from our (wonderful!) honeymoon and didn’t get to give our feedback on the wedding. We wanted to say that we really enjoyed the organization and all the support you gave us, you always managed to understand what we wanted and you transmitted immense calm and confidence, which were essential for us to live the preparations with peace of mind!

We can say that even the preparations for the wedding were good! And just as it was during the preparation, so it was on the day of the wedding itself, where we felt completely safe, confident, we could enjoy ourselves and nothing, but nothing, failed or exceeded our expectations.

That’s why we wanted to thank Outlux and especially you for all your work, support, affection and accompaniment during such a special time, which we won’t forget. As for the photographer, he was also a great companion, he got us to do those sessions that were unimaginable for us, and he made everything super natural and smooth.

We also felt that she was able to understand perfectly what we wanted and was completely in line with us!!! now we’re looking forward to seeing the results!!!:) Regarding the florist, I also wanted to say that I LOVED the bouquet, every time I see photos I like it even more, and I’ve already had requests to use photos of the bouquet for other bouquets.

He has great taste, and perfectly understood everything I wanted and how I wanted it. We couldn’t fail to mention the mega DJ, who was impeccable, created a great party that never waned and completely lived up to expectations, he really is talented! We loved it!

As for the venue, we really enjoyed the service, they were always friendly and helpful, the food was also very good and everyone loved it. The cocktail really exceeded expectations.

To sum up: it was a day that exceeded our expectations, we were really happy, we enjoyed it to the full and we would do it again many times! And because you were essential in everything, THANK YOU! If you can, thank each person.

A THANKFUL BRIEFING from the bride and groom,

Catarina & José

Choosing Outlux to organize our wedding was the best decision we could have made, as we were able to rest assured before and during the wedding about all the services that were under your responsibility.

From the outset, we were reassured by the company’s seriousness and flexibility, which does everything it can to keep its customers fully satisfied. And to top it all off, they offer options at a cost that doesn’t exceed our budget!

Our wedding was beautiful, I was a calm and happy bride and we received nothing but positive feedback from our guests.

So we can only thank you for all your kindness, professionalism, dedication and commitment over the last few months, which have been so important to us.

Congratulations on your work and best wishes to you always!

Luana & Junior

We believe that Outlux’s success is due to the people who make up its team! Not only the Outlux team itself, but also the people associated with it through partnerships/protocols. And in this respect, we have to thank each and every one of them because they really made our day extraordinary.

From the graphics team, the dressmaking studio, the makeup and hair stylist, the photographer, the cameraman, the caterer, the florist, the DJ, the suppliers of the cake and the guests’ souvenirs and those responsible (in the person of Mr. Zé and Mrs. Isabel) for the space where the wedding took place! We truly feel that each of these people dedicated themselves professionally to making sure that everything turned out perfectly.

We can only thank and congratulate the Outlux team, especially Sandra and Rita, with whom we had the opportunity to get to know more closely, for their commitment, dedication, professionalism, affection and friendship, with which they treated and worked on “our cause” from the very beginning!

We personally have no other point of comparison (and it’s a good thing ), but we believe that having Outlux as our partner in the organization of this day was absolutely essential for it to have been an extraordinary day, not only for us but also for the friends and family with whom we shared it.

Sandra & Hugo

From the moment we made the decision to use Outlux’s services, we realized that they would be completely indispensable in ensuring that one of the most important days of our lives went as we had always wished. After an initial meeting, in which we discussed the critical points we wanted to see fulfilled, we were presented with a proposal that was perfectly suited to what we had envisioned, blending a young and refined spirit.

We highly recommend Outlux to anyone thinking of getting married, given their professionalism, total willingness to listen to us, good taste and innovation in sharing ideas. A service of excellence, with a total focus on the client’s needs, using friendliness and serenity at all times, have made Outlux a reference that we will give to all our friends and family who are thinking of getting married from now on.

Thank you very much for everything and congratulations on the service you provide. We wish you the best of luck and success in the future, where we will certainly meet at one of our friends’ weddings!

Inês & Filipe

Many thanks to the Outlux team! A perfect organization. They gave us a magical and beautiful day, exceeding our expectations.

To Rita Vilarinho, for her dedication, availability and professionalism. We always
conveyed confidence and security and that everything we wanted could be achieved. Everything was perfect! It was
an unforgettable and very, very happy day!!!

Rita & Martinho

We wanted to send you this message to thank you for your professionalism and patience during the last year of organizing our wedding!
We are very happy with our day, in our eyes everything went well, just as we had agreed 🙂
Thank you.

Sofia & Raphael

Rita (Maria and her Outlux) was exactly the person we needed, when we needed her, from the very first meeting. It was he who gave us the assurance that everything was being taken care of and organized at the right time, who resolved our doubts and questions, even those that came up (too) short notice, who calmed our hearts. We had a real Winning Team by our side and we will never have enough words to express our deep gratitude. Once again, we would like to thank everyone, without exception, for accompanying us and helping us.

Joana & Pedro

Maria’s work was excellent. She is extremely professional, attentive and has great taste. Over the months of preparation, Árni and I wanted to add some extras (children’s entertainment, projector, water dispensers, fans, etc.) and we were always offered an efficient and personalized solution.

We are very grateful to Maria and the Outlux team in general for the immense help they gave us, as it was fundamental in making this dream day come true. The photographer who was suggested to us did a very good job and the make-up artist (Ana) left me exactly as I wanted. Everything was beautiful, so THANK YOU to everyone.

Cátia & Arni

Hello Carmo and Maria,

We loved our wedding day. Thank you once again for all your commitment and dedication. Without you and your commitment it wouldn’t have been the same. Everything went wonderfully, it was perfect.


Catarina & Nuno

Hello, Carmo! I haven’t had a chance to thank you yet for all your work and patience! Everything went very well, everyone loved it, everything was crazy with the catering, decorations, etc. Thank you so much! We loved everything.

Leonor & Luís

I would like to thank the wonderful OUTLUX team for making my wedding a memorable day, not only for us, the bride and groom, but also for all our guests. Special thanks to Carmo and Maria for accompanying us from the very first moment and making this process a constant joy. We left everything in the hands of this super professional team and we’re sure it was the best choice. The compliments on our wedding are frequent and we couldn’t be prouder to have been able to count on the best team of wedding planners.

Thank you

Joana & Tiago

Finally back from our honeymoon and settling into “real life”, we want to take this opportunity to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all your hard work and dedication, which was essential to what we are now hearing from all the guests: “It was the best wedding I’ve been to in years!”.

Diana & Luís

Carmo, thank you so much for everything! Everything was spectacular. I can’t thank you enough for making this day that I’ve been dreaming of since I was two so special and unique!!! Without you it would have been impossible! Thank you

Rita & João

Everything went very well on Saturday, thank you for everything!

Luisa & Arnaldo

Thank you very much for all your work. Everything was excellent!!!! Nothing to write home about! We had a great time!!!

Isabel & Miguel

We’re back to normal life after the wedding. Thank you once again for the beautiful organization. The guests were delighted with the party. And so do we.

Beatriz & Bernardo

We loved it! The day was perfect, the organization fantastic and we didn’t have to worry about a thing. Thanks to Outlux we had a spectacular, relaxed and stress-free wedding day.

Ana Margarida & Bruno

We loved all the support from the very first meeting. Once we met you, we were sure that the organization was in great hands and that you had understood exactly the type of ceremony and party we had imagined.

Throughout the preparation period, first with Carmo and then also with Maria, we were always very calm, sure that everything would be great, we had complete confidence in your good taste, we always liked the proposals you made and the final result even exceeded expectations!

The venue was a dream and Carmo and Maria managed to make all the other details perfect for the setting. Your presence on the day was fantastic, with all the support and attention we needed.

We would also like to highlight the excellent partners with whom they work. The photographers njmattos were exceptional, as was Anna from Hair & Make up and the entire Catering team.

We have already recommended OUTLUX to several people!

Thank you for giving us this memorable day!

Filipa & Bruno

Once again, I would like to thank you for your help and collaboration in making the Portuguese edition of the Signature Event such a success and for transforming all the ideas and details into reality and, most importantly, without fail!

Meliã - Carla Ferreira

From day one, we were very well received by OUTLUX. We always felt your attention and friendliness, which gave us the confidence to go ahead with the proposal, even without feedback from anyone we knew. They exceeded our expectations and didn’t fail us at all!

Thank you so much for being part of a day that was perfect for us, without your help it certainly wouldn’t have been the same.

We would definitely recommend OUTLUX’s services and will hire them again at the next opportunity.

Diana & Telmo

On behalf of MHI, I would like to thank you and congratulate you on your magnificent work, which I will recommend without hesitation! This event has been held in different countries for two years, in the UK, Germany, ES, Russia and Italy, and ours in Portugal was considered the best ever! Whether in detail, organization, format etc… and a large part of this success is undoubtedly yours!

Meliã - Carla Ferreira

We want to thank you and the entire Outlux team for the wonderful moment you helped us build. We loved our wedding and the words of appreciation from all the guests confirmed that your team is fantastic. Thank you very much. You should soon have some couples recommended by us 🙂

Everything was perfect and once again we can confirm that we worked with a fantastic team.

Love and sincere thanks once again!

Ana & Sandro

Thank you for helping to make our day unique!!! It was perfect… 😉

Clara & João

Two months after our wedding, I decided to do something that had been on my “to do list” for some time, which is to publicly thank Outlux and, in particular, Carmo.

Preparing for a wedding involves a lot of people and a lot of hassle, and Outlux spared us that hassle, allowing us to enjoy only the good things!

Always available, friendly, patient and with solutions to our problems.

Everything was perfect!

We loved the wedding! We had a great time!

I recommend it! Thank you!

Diana & Simão

Carmo, it was bruuuuutaaaalll! We loved it, you were extraordinary, everything went beautifully, a dream.

Big kiss

Joana & Tiago

Thank you for everything! You were impeccable at the party and were a great support for everything to run smoothly! Discreet, they were always where we needed them, they helped us with the timings (if it hadn’t been for you, at the time, we’d have missed everything – that’s how I feel). And the guest book was very nice! A good gift and a good memory.

People loved the place… they loved the ice cream, the mini’s… the wine and the food… They loved the crème brûlée (dessert)…

And then the dj set with the bar right next to it went very well! Good drinks and cocktails, friendly and scenic staff 🙂 I don’t think many people sat down again after the dance floor opened!

Thank you Outlux once again. They made life so much easier for us, both in the pre-wedding organization (I don’t think people imagined a party like this with how relaxed we were) and on the day. And the result was a spectacular ceremony, good choices (I loved the tulips – they worked really well – the colors of the bouquet, Anna, the DJs, the Bar) without necessarily making the party too expensive. I’ve heard comments like “the best wedding I’ve ever been to!

I really enjoyed it!

Sandra & Pedro

“We learned about the OUTLUX concept in a random search on the internet, at the time we decided to go ahead with all the organization that involves the wedding, and since we believe that we build what we have and our day-to-day, reliving that day, that discovery of OUTLUX seems like destiny.

From the very first meeting with Rita Vilarinho, to whom we would like to say a special thank you, we knew that this was the right decision for those who want to have a special wedding, personalized to the couple’s style, peaceful, comfortable for everyone and with unique moments.

All the tireless dedication of all the OUTLUX girls, all their partners, photographer, DJ, creatives and all the hours of work just for us, made this wedding adventure an unforgettable moment that culminated in a memorable, happy, fun day to share with family and friends, just what we wanted.

As a bride, I’d like to say a special thank you to the dressmaking atelier, which made it possible to create a dream dress that always met my wishes, and to the hairdresser/make-up artist, who beautifully completed the dress.

Being a once-in-a-lifetime wedding, we had the best in the world and we assure you that they won 107 fans!

We hope that all the success achieved so far continues to grow immensely and that you achieve all your goals, making dream weddings possible without any headaches or stress for the bride and groom.

We look forward to accompanying you in the media, organizing an acquaintance’s wedding or inaugurating your next installation.

Much success and happiness.

Hugs and lots of kisses

Paula & João

We really enjoyed Outlux’s service, the day was unforgettable.

We have therefore recommended Outlux to all our friends, so get ready for an avalanche of contacts

Patrícia & Rúben

Our wedding wouldn’t have been the same without OUTLUX! Great service, excellent professionals, tireless in making sure everything went perfectly!

From the first contact to request a quote, they were always extremely professional, incredibly available and very flexible. They understood perfectly what kind of bride and groom we were and what we wanted.

The preparations went smoothly, always on schedule, and with total carefree attitude on our part.

Everything was perfect on the day of the party and we had the full support of the entire OUTLUX team, who ensured that everything went according to plan.

We would particularly like to thank Carmo and Rita for all their help!

Rita & João

We loved our wedding and want to thank you for your fantastic ideas and invaluable help, without you it wouldn’t have been possible, thank you so much! 🙂

Marta & Bruno

OutLux helped us live one of the best days of our lives. They were tireless during the organization period, but especially on the day of the wedding. We would especially like to thank Carmo who was five stars!!! Whenever we needed any further service and/or advice, they were always available and helpful. When small, major problems arose, they didn’t rest until they had solved them, no matter what time it was.

The feedback we received from our guests was that the event was well organized, very well coordinated, with no dead moments and a fantastic day.

Helena & Helder

The work of OUTLUX and its partners is of the highest quality. We were very pleased with the end result and it was a valuable help in making our party a success. The guests loved it too. Thank you all so much, especially Sandra!

We will definitely recommend OUTLUX!

Marta & Pedro

Overall, the wedding was magnificent and just as we dreamed and the feedback we’re getting is very positive! Everything is perfect! Balloons, timings, decorations, food etc etc.

You can also share photos of the space and the beautiful decoration of the tent on your page 🙂

Filipa & Francisco

On June 23rd, 2018, my daughter Carolina’s wedding took place.
We’d like to take this opportunity to tell you that there wasn’t a single guest who, when saying goodbye, didn’t congratulate us on the quality of the food, the excellent service, the friendliness and availability of the entire catering team.
Four days have passed and we’re still receiving compliments. It’s really wonderful and rewarding!
Everything went so well that I can’t fail to congratulate the entire Outlux team on their excellent professionalism. They exceeded our expectations. Thank you so much!
Very successful!
Parents of the bride
Paula & Hélder Ramos

Carolina & Luís

As the father of the bride, I would like to thank Outlux Weddings and Events for organizing this memorable event, in which they demonstrated impeccable responsibility, quality, efficiency, good taste and friendliness. Thank you very, very much!

Carolina & Diogo

Many thanks for organizing the whole wedding. Everything was amazing and absolutely perfect!

Nikol & Ivo

Carmo! Thank you so much for your dedication to our wedding!!! Definitely a day we won’t forget! And not even the honeymoon, we already want to go back. ahaha 😉

Thais & António

Maria, Rita and Carmo

Thank you so much for a wonderful day! We love everything! Everything has been thought out in detail with all those details that make the difference! The photographers were fantastic, the catering team fabulous, the food delicious and the dj super fun! We will never forget this day!

Big kisses!

Catarina & André

Hello, Carmo,

We loved the wedding, we’re very happy!

Everything went very smoothly, without any worries, very well organized. All the guests and our parents loved it too!

Thank you for making this day that we dreamed of so much a beautiful experience!

The DJs were spectacular, they managed to understand the style of music we liked and the whole thing was magnificent.

Anna was tireless and very professional. Very caring and concerned. I really enjoyed it.

Otherwise, we were super happy with the whole wedding. We love it. We were getting married again. With the help of Outlux, with Carmo and Maria! Thank you!

Happy kisses.

Inês & Hugo

We loved collaborating with Outlux, initially with Rita and then with Carmo and Maria. They are a very professional company, who were always in control of the whole process, always available to help us find the best possible solutions.

Whenever possible we recommend not only your excellent service, but also hiring Wedding Planners, as we felt we could concentrate on giving our personal touch to the wedding and taking this celebration to another level, as throughout the process the most functional but no less important parts were being taken care of. Your services are an added value, which is often thought to be linked to a large additional cost, but given your partnerships and the way you conduct the process, it is often even a saving.

Thank you!

Filipa & David

I couldn’t begin any other way than by thanking you!

We loved everything! Miguel, who has always been skeptical about “parties”, was talking about the wedding all week and was very proud whenever a friend told him it had been spectacular. And it was really spectacular! We believe it’s not a cliché! We’ve received hundreds of positive feedbacks and thanks for the party!

It was the party we always wanted, with relaxation, good humor and good vibes!

You are spectacular and choosing you was the best choice we could make! Keep up the good work! We’ve only been married once in our lives, but I hope to meet you again on other occasions!

Thanks again for everything!

Inês & Miguel

Everything was spectacular yesterday. The wedding was impeccable. Big kisses and congratulations once again, everything was great. – sister of the bride

We’re about to embark, but I want to thank you and Maria for your excellent work and for being so sweet. Maria and Antonio were overjoyed. – mother of the bride

Maria & António

As for our day, it was MAGICAL… WONDERFUL… it really was “that day” that you feel is perfect! We received a lot of compliments on the decoration and the food, which was excellent.

Our family LOVED the space and the way the day was put together.

We want to pass this feedback on to you too. because I think it helps to raise the profile of your work and that of Outlux. The tent was beautiful 🙂 It was perfect!

THANK YOU SO MUCH CARMO!!! They were months of sharing, when I remember I feel enormous nostalgia.


Vera & Tiago

Carmo! The wedding went beautifully… We loved everything! Everything was very well organized… We really have nothing to say… We were at the height of happiness… Thank you so much! You were incredible! Francisco is 5 stars! The DJ was great! Video tb! Everything! Our parents loved it! My mother said she’d never been to such a nice wedding!

Francisca & Miguel

First of all, thank you so much for everything!… Yesterday was beautiful, completely in our image. We’re so happy, thank you so much!

Joana & Ivan

Overall we enjoyed the service and everything was as we had planned, the decoration and preparation of the space exceeded our expectations and was TOP, especially the space outside.

It was easy to deal with you (Rita) always present and available at key moments.

We can’t fail to give 5 stars to Carolina who was a big part of the day, always impeccable and super concerned, she solved and coordinated everything in terms of timings, entrances, problems that arose, etc. Very professional indeed.

Inês & Diogo

Having chosen Outlux to help us on our day made it a dream day, with no worries for the bride and groom, we just enjoyed the moment!

The guests were completely enchanted by the organization and all the details and they all tell us that it was the most beautiful wedding they’ve ever been to 🙂

If time went back, we’d do everything the same! Congratulations Outlux!

Rita & Diogo

We can only thank Outlux for all their work in organizing the wedding and selecting the suppliers. Everything went very well.

During the organization phase and on the wedding day, we didn’t have to worry about a thing. All the professionals were excellent, from the venue and catering, to the atelier that created the dress, the hairdresser and make-up artist, the florist, the photographers and, above all, Rita, who coordinated everything with great good humor and professionalism.

We’ve also had very good feedback from the guests. We loved everything! 😀

Ana Rita & Ricardo

Hello, Carmo! Hi Maria! We are now embarking but we wanted to thank you for your help, everything was great! A big kiss

Tatiana & Miguel

I wanted to thank you for the excellent party I had. It went beautifully. Please send my thanks to the entire team that collaborated on this organization.

Miguel Oliveira

We would like to express our happiness because everything went very well at our wedding in every respect. It was so important on the day to have Rita and her colleague to help us because we could really enjoy the moment without having to worry during the various moments.

The food was very good and all the events were very well organized. The feedback we’ve had from our guests is very positive, they’ve all really enjoyed it 😀

Margarida & Luís

We waited until now because we wanted to thank you in a special way, for all the commitment, affection and dedication with which you helped to prepare THE BEST DAY TO GET MARRIED.

We loved everything, we lived the day with great intensity and joy. A big kiss.

Margarida & Pedro

We would like to thank you for your work in preparing our wedding. It really was a very special day for both of them. We and our family were very happy and the end result was generally to our liking

Joana & Marcelo

Hello Carmo, Once again, thank you so much for all your effort and care in making our wedding day go beautifully. Everything was perfect! 🙂

Joana & José

First of all, thank you for everything, everything was great and the organization was spectacular!


Marta & Rodrigo

Thank you so much for giving us an unforgettable day ❤️

Maria and Carmo, thank you so much for your care and constant smiles! ❤️

Joana & Fausto

Thank you so much for everything!!! The wedding was perfect — more than a dream and you were top top top!

Juliana & André

Thank you for everything. They were essential in making the wedding go so smoothly. Keep up the good work and good humor.

Without you I’m sure I wouldn’t have been able to relax and enjoy the wedding day and all the months leading up to it.

Sara & Ricardo

Outlux’s organization of the whole event can be considered excellent. Both in the months/weeks leading up to the wedding and the people who accompanied us on the day were always completely available. Ana made sure that everything went smoothly on the day. The help she gave in looking after the children was impeccable.

The staff were all very friendly, efficient and helpful.

Without the help and work of the people at Outlux, it would have been practically impossible for us to organize all this with the same quality, with the minimum work we had to do and for the price we paid.

Andreia & Nuno

Overall, it exceeded expectations. It really was the way we wanted it to be, no stress, no rushing around. A special day, made possible in part by our trust in your services and professionalism. We’d like to thank OUTLUX for tailoring everything to our needs! A wonderful day! Many thanks to the team for everything

Claúdia & Nuno

You were fantastic, thank you for everything! We would especially like to thank Rita Vilarinho, she was tireless, super professional and dedicated!

Isabel & Jorge

Everything went very well!

It far exceeded our expectations!

It really was the happiest day of our lives!

Thank you for the day you gave us!

Filipa & Duarte

Outlux played a key role in organizing our wedding.

And during the preparations, we valued this role even more because we were living abroad.

However, looking back we thought that even though we were in Portugal we would always choose Outlux to help us.

The prompt response to our requests and questions, the patience, the availability, the quality of the delivery and the friendliness with which they treated us mean that we are now recommending Outlux to all our friends who are planning to get married.

Ana & Zé

Our wedding day was perfect and it was largely down to you. From day one, they gave us immense security, peace of mind and the feeling that all the ideas we had in our heads were not only possible, but that there was no problem in making them a reality.

More than that, we felt that we spoke the same language in our ideas, planning and commitment and this was reflected in all the months of planning leading up to the wedding (which I – Carol – LOVED so much that I wanted to plan it all again!) and in all the details and close monitoring of the day.

It’s amazing how ALL the guests complimented the decoration of the tables, the garden, the music, the balloons… Apart from the fact that everyone was super happy with the day, the common denominator in the comments was that it was the most relaxed, happy and at the same time personalized wedding they’d ever been to. And what a treat it was to hear that! And of course, lots of compliments and questions about “the girls from the organization” who were there. 🙂

As far as we’re concerned, there’s only one complaint: it went by so fast!

Thank you for everything, you are incredible, both professionally and personally, and we wish you every success because you deserve it!

Carolina & João

OUTLUX has always shown total availability and friendliness. We have a contract for a party to celebrate 10 years of marriage, which is a long way from 25! Excellent professionalism!

Once again I would like to highlight the presence of Rita, who was fundamental in making the moments happen, always with her smile and good mood! Many guests made a point of telling us as much!”

Liliana & Rui

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