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We decided to do the opposite: instead of an old-fashioned wedding in a modern venue, we opted for a modern wedding in an old-fashioned venue!

Have you ever thought about getting married in a palace, a 19th century house, an antique inn…and recreating the glamor of yesteryear…but adapted to the modern age?

Pearls, feathers, glitter, lace, champagne, gold, roses, glamour, the 1920s, the 1950s, the Great Gatsby… you name it.

Here’s the challenge!


It could be in the city center, it could be further away from the urban world… everything takes place in a garden!

Simple but refined, where white and green predominate, contrasting with spring colors, flowers in glass vases, garden tables and benches… this is the setting we sought to create, transforming a simple garden into a welcoming, natural and chic space.


With eyes on the sea… and feet in the sand, good feeling!

The beach is a place where all the senses expand: contemplating the sun over the horizon, the sound of the ocean, the smell of the sea, the cooling breeze and the taste of summer.

It is also a space for relaxation, meditation and the absorption of positive energy.

What else…?


Concrete or brick walls, exposed iron and large spaces transformed into a place full of charm and glamour.

The decor takes center stage in an industrial setting, transforming the improbable into a magical place.


Surrounded by lush vegetation, a unique and bucolic place emerges, distinguished by its secrecy and natural beauty.

We’re actually in the middle of a forest and there’s no disguising it: tall trees, vegetation, uneven ground, some humidity… but nothing detracts from its charm.

Only for the most daring… we want to be part of that daring and celebrate your wedding, party, birthday… in a real forest!


Do you have the ideal setting for your wedding but don’t know how to do it? Do you need help getting married in the house you grew up in?

We can take care of all the logistics for you and prepare everything so that you have an unforgettable day in the place you’ve always dreamed of!


For those looking for a moment of relaxation, getting away from the hustle and bustle of the city and enjoying what nature has to offer. Running tables, welcoming colors that contrast with the surrounding greenery, a dam, vineyards and trees as a backdrop: this is the scenery you’ll find when you opt for RUSTIC.

A weekend in the heart of the Alentejo with family and friends during which the wedding is a special moment, an arraial in a country house to relive a little of our tradition, an estate that invites you to taste the wines produced in its cellars are some of the solutions we can offer.

Get your family and friends together, enjoy a few days of peace and serenity and share this moment with nature too!


Simplicity and modern lines…!

Because simplicity and modern lines can be very attractive, take a chance on a clean space as a backdrop for the big day!

Assuming space as a blank canvas has the advantage that we can make anything possible. There are no restrictions, just let your imagination run wild to achieve the result you’ve always wanted.


We organize all kinds of events for corporate clients. We have professional and experienced partners with all the solutions to make your event a reality.

We accompany the process from the planning of the event to its realization by coordinating all the entities and services involved on the day, guaranteeing the required quality.


We all want the best for our children. Why not give them a memorable birthday party, a day they’ll never forget, with everything they dream of every day? Princesses, superheroes, animals… the limit is imagination!

Need help organizing your child’s christening? Count on OUTLUX to help you with whatever you need.


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